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You’re here for either two reason:

a) You really enjoy my blog, like the way I write or think we share common interests… Or (and the most likely),

b) You’re bored out of your mind and have nothing better to do than ‘check out’ the random guy who provides you with geeky tutorials, either way…thank you!

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Matthew’s Avatar

What is Triponic.com? Triponic is my personal realm of knowledge, from helpful guides to assist you in tweaking your computer/software to daily life problem advice (eg: how to pass a urine test…I didn’t say it was all good knowledge :p).Let’s start with the basics, first of all, my name Matthew (Michaels is my middle name (I didn’t want to use my full real name…I was going to go with an alias based on my middle name like Mike Rotchburns :S but you can see the problem in that).I’m 20 years old and unlike most geeks, I had a really unusual upbringing, I grew up with my hippie grandparents, travelled to over 12 countries and and attended more than a dozen schools…as you can imagine so many changes creates quite an unbalance when it comes to socializing, so even though I’m social by nature (have the personality traits, opinionated/outspoken ect…and also am an Aries if you believe in that stuff) I became more fascinated with the cyber world where your “friends” are just one messenger convo away no matter where you are, instead of a whole continent.I never complained about it though, I loved my childhood and have seen/experienced so many things in such a short period that it has given me the knowledge I have used in all aspect of my life including blogging, the best university is travelling…no theories/classroom can teach you the life experiences you will find out there in the world… and let’s not forget, being intellectual is very different from being intelligent.

As a profession I work in the family real estate business and also do part time modeling, web developing is more of a hobby for me…although I might come across as extroverted and outgoing I’m quite quirky and shy (my favorite movie is Amelie…that says it all) till I really get to know someone, but once that happens, it takes a restraining order to keep me away :|.You may have noticed I write many “…’s” in between my setences, the reason behind that is I need to type something while I think of more to say, I’m one of those crazy over analytical people that is thinking all day about the randomest things or when I sit down I analyze observe nature, people’s body language and find myself laughing alone sometimes which doesn’t really help the whole “his crazy mentally disturbed” rumors. I don’t want to bore you with all my senseless blabbering so I’ll make a list of the things I enjoy (internet users have the attention span of gold fish so it’s the obvious choice :p):


  • Hiking
  • Animals
  • Rainy days
  • Reading
  • Disney/Pixar, crazy/dark humor, psychological/brainless horror, twist ending/smartly written movies
  • Yogurt with biscuits and nuts in it
  • Vintage beauty girls
  • Being silly
  • Dreamy music
  • Being lazy
  • Board games
  • Kayaking
  • Climbing trees
  • Smart asses
  • Contradictions
  • Magic
  • Dressing up as the staff of some establishment and pretending to work there
  • Discovering secret spots nobody knows about
  • Randomness

That’s all for now, you can chat with me live through my chat box on the sidebar if I’m online, drop me a line through the Contact or add me as a friend at one of my social networking sites listed in the Author Bio box and don’t forget to check out my other site Sapientology.com .

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