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Best Of: Best Free Anti-Spam Tools


I really don’t know how many spam emails I get emails, theres hundreds of them, if it wasn’t for my anti spam email client filter I would have probably already given in and bought some hair growing pills (even if I don’t need them).A good spam client is necessary in todays spam world even though they seem quite underrated, it’s true that you could just go to the main gmail,yahoo,hotmail, site and it’s most likely all the spam will have been filtered, but if you want to check your emails from the comfort of your desktop, these are a few must have freewares you will learn to love.

1) Spamihilator: Spamihilator is an full featured anti-spam filtering program that works with any email client. It runs as a local POP server that sits between your email program and your mail server and filters mail based on a built-in filtering mechanism. In addition, you can maintain a blocklist as well as a list of friends (their mail will never be filtered) and customize the filtering with a variety of settings and plug-ins. The program automatically configures popular email clients (Outlook, Outlook Express, Netscape etc.) to work with the filter. Among many other options, you can change the aggressiveness of the filter, block certain attachment types, block specific senders and also add your own spam words to look for. Spamihilator does not delete the spam right away, but moves it to a recycle bin from where you can review it, restore items or permanently delete them. A very flexible and capable spam filtering system.

2) SpamBayes: SpamBayes is an intelligent spam filter and message classifier for Outlook, that automatically categorizes your incoming messages into `good`, `spam` and `unsure` and sorts them into the associated folder. The program uses an advanced, bayesian filtering method that requires no manual setup and gets smarter the more email it processes. It includes a training wizard that can be used to feed it some spam messages, otherwise it will learn from your incoming email as you go. It it misses (or incorrect classified), you can just click the toolbar button and make the message `spam` or `good`, and SpamBayes will automatically learn from it, avoiding to make similar mistakes in the future. The program is easy to use and setup and probably one of the most accurate filtering tools we have come across, with a detection rate of close to 100 percent.

3) POPFile: POPFile is an email classification system, that automatically sorts your messages and fights spam. It acts as a proxy between your email program and the mail server, scanning all incoming mail and then marks the mail according to your settings. When you first install the program, it is dumb and does not perform any classification at all – it is designed to learn from your personal classifications and becomes more and more hands-off the longer you use it. It keeps a history of all email messages that pass through the system and then allows you to classify each message as good, spam or any other criteria (personal, work, important etc.). These criteria are called “Buckets” and they are similar to virtual mail folders. The mail in each bucket will be tagged in a special way (subject, header), so you can instruct your email program to process it according to your preferences. POPFile does not delete any email on its own, however you can instruct your email program to act upon messages that are tagged as spam (or anything else) and have them be deleted or send to a different mail folder. The program offers an additional Quarantine option that can wrap the message in a container, allowing you to get an idea of the content, without actually opening any attachments or images of the original mail. POPfile uses Naive Bayes classification, which is highly effective an learns from your instructions. Overall, POPfile provides great flexibility and accurate filtering, however it does require at least some basic understanding of email and POP accounts in order to use it effectively.

Respected Contenders: K9, SpamBrave Lite, Junkanoo.


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