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Best Of: Best Multi-Platform Instant Messenger

Do you have yo use three different instant messenger clients to chat with all your friends? Have that worry no more, there are a few applications that allow you to have all your messenger id’s logged into one single messenger client.What are the advantages of that? you can chat with people on AIM, ICQ, MSN […]

Best Of: Gift Games For Play Station 3 2007

The holidays are a time for giving. Things always seem to work out better, however, when you give people what they actually want. Hopefully this PS3 holiday gift guide can help with that. If you have a relative/friend that just got their PS3, these are the top rated games out now that any avid gamer […]

Best Of: Christmas Gifts For Women

Yes it’s that time of year again so I want to get these posts over and done with, if you have been looking around for the idea christmas gift for your partner, sister, mother or female friend but just couldn’t decide exactly what to get her I have made this small suggestion list that will […]

Best Of: Best Horror Movie Site

Are you a fan of the horror genre? looking for website that is only dedicated to this genre? I personally love horror films and have been visiting tons of sites dedicated to one single movie or have mixed genres and don’t know or care much for horror.It didn’t take long to search for a bit […]

Best Of: Best Free File Splitting Tools

I had downloaded a few movies the other day and was trying to burn them onto a data disk, I had run out of big disks and only had the 700 mb ones.Some of the movies were well over 1 gb in space, my best chance to keep these movies without having to burn them […]

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