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How To: Make an Invisible User Account in Vista

Invisible Users Okay so your sharing your computer with your parents or using the family computer and your sick of them going through your stuff, you could make a new account and password protect it but then that will make your parents suspicious your hiding something so what do you do? You make a an […]

How To: Use Windows Mail With Yahoo

How many emails do you receive a day? If you receive more than ten you should look into using an email client such as the default Vista one Windows Mail instead of having to log on to the yahoo website every time you want to see if something new has arrived.But the main advantages of […]

How To: Surf The Internet With Internet Explorer Disabled In XP

Have you ever found yourself sitting in front of a computer that’s been locked down by an overzealous IT administrator who won’t let you install any software or even open Internet Explorer or Firefox? Let me show you how to access the net using a simple trick.

How To: Uninstall Windows Vista Completely

I was speaking to a few friends who have dual booting (vista and xp on the same disk) the other day and they were complaining about how Windows XP will provide less hassle now that the service pack 3 is coming out so I thought there might be a few other people with this problem […]

How To: Disable Windows Vista Firewall And Defender

If you have recently downloaded a free private firewall (eg: Comodo Firewall Pro) you may want to disable the windows firewall as it is annoying sometimes with its security pop ups, it will also free up some well needed memory.The same applies with Windows Defender even if its somewhat good you can always find better […]

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