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Ultimate Method To ByPass School/Work Filters And Firewalls

Screenshot of UltaSurf proxy server.

After the success of my How To Bypass School/Work Filters article, I decided to look more into anonymous surfing and filter bypassing for the few users who claimed none of the 9 methods I wrote on there worked for them.

This method was originally used by Chinese users to bypass their internet censorship, it uses a free, extremely fast light weight application (meaning very small and runs as a standalone program with no need of installation) that can be carried around in a flash drive (to *cough*school*cough) or simply downloaded from their website. The application is called UltraSurf.

What is UltraSurf?

Ultra Surf is a proxy application. It will bypass all internet blocking systems including school/work filters/firewalls that block out sites like Myspace, Hi5, Orkut, Bebo, Photobucket, Facebook, Friendster and Youtube just to name the popular ones. By using this software you can access all the sites blocked by national / corporate firewalls. It currently supports Internet Explorer and Firefox once you install the Plugin (you can also get it to work in other browsers, just change the connection settings to port: 9666).

It’s incredibly simple to use! All you have to do is start the application and it automatically launches Internet Explorer with a lock image on the bottom right corner so you know UltraSurf is working, if for some reason your having troubles with the current proxy it has assigned you (which shouldn’t be a problem because it’s constantly searching for the highest speed proxy), you can select from two other proxy gateways or hit the retry button.One of my favorite features of this little bundle of joy (apart from it’s speed) is that it deletes your browsers cookies and history (meaning it doesn’t leave any tracks of what sites you’ve browsed) once you click the Exit button.

That is why this application is not only useful for bypassing school and work filters/firewalls, if you have been blocked/banned from a website, you can mask your IP with it and gain access once more, it can also be used to download files from websites such as RapidShare that block your IP for a certain period of time after you download too many files.

What makes UltraSurf stand out?

There’s many proxy surfing websites and servers out there, so what makes this one so special? It’s features!

  • High level encryption for personal information, safely perform online shopping/banking.
  • Realtime audio/video and view flash files (youtube videos are flash embedded).
  • The speed of your connection is only reduced by 2-3%.
  • Deletes browser history and cookies on exit.
  • Allows you to post in blogs and on forums.
  • Standalone application (no need to install).
  • Allows you to login too websites safely.
  • Uses proxies from the US only.
  • Extremely simple to use.
  • 100% ad/spyware free.
  • Upload/Download files.
  • Enabled JavaScript.
  • Use Webmail.

To check if the proxy is working simply visit WhatIsMyIP.com, to stop using a proxy and use your real IP again just close the application.

Download UltraSurf

Download Firefox Plugin


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