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How To: ByPass School/Work Filters

If none of the nine simple methods below work for you, I have written a follow up article with a very easy to use free application that is almost guaranteed to bypass any filters or firewalls your school may have.You can find it at: Ultimate Method To ByPass School/Work Filters And Firewalls.

bypass school computer filters

I remember back when I was in high school and they were teaching us really basic stuff online, I was bored out of my mind, so I tried going to some cool sites like MiniClip.com and NewGrounds.com and discovered the marvelous world of school filters, it sucked! I couldn’t play games check my email or my myspace account. As always I masterminded my way through the school filters.

This tutorial is aimed to help you access your myspace,bebo,facebook or simply check your email,watch some videos on youtube, play games and visit free adult sites to joke around with your friends, after all, you will learn alot more by browsing Triponic.com anyway :P. I have written down quite a few hacks, one of them is bound to work.


The first one is very simple and might work with some outdated filters because they blocked sites that started with http but not https, just add an S to your HTTP, example: https://myspace.com . What does this do? It creates a secure HTTP connection using a different default TCP port (443) and an additional encryption/authentication layer between the HTTP and TCP.


The second one (and best in my opinion) is of course the use of a proxy, this is the most common way to bypass a school filter and its pretty easy to do aswell.To find out more about how to find and use proxies check out my complete proxy guide.


Another way to do it is by using an anonymous proxy web service, it is basically a site that allows you to enter a url and lets your browse the internet through a proxy of their choice.Theres hundreds of these websites around but a lot of them get blocked quite quickly by school filters.Heres a few you can try but search google for new ones:

» Myspace-At-School.net
» ProxyMine.net
» Proxify.com


I heard about this technique but it never had any success with me, supposedly you can access a site using the IP address of the server. To get the IP address click Start in Windows then click Run type CMD and click OK.

A new command prompt window should have opened (kinda like DOS), type in nslookup domainofwebsite.com (change domainofwebsite.com for the actual url of the site like myspace.com) and it should give you the IP address of the server.Once you have this just open any browser and type http://ipaddress (change ipaddress for the actual address lol) and click go.I have never tested this so I’m not sure if it works or not but you can leave some feedback in the comments.


A cool way I used to do it a few times was with Google Translate, you can visit the translate site but the problem with that is that you have to translate it from one language to another, and if the website is already in english well unless you know another language your screwed.SO you can use this url “http://www.google.com/translate?langpair=en|en&u=www.websiteurl.com”, see how it says “en|en” that means it will translate from english to english :) just change the “websiteurl.com” part for the site you want to visit.


A new way I’ve seen some people do it is by using Google Mobile, similar to the google translate idea this uses the google mobile feature which will forward you to the site although the site will appear broken due to the fact that google mobile was made for small screen.To use this technique use this url: “http://www.google.com/gwt/n?u=www.websiteurl.com”, don’t forget to change “websiteurl.com” to the website you want to visit.


The third way I know of how to use google to bypass school filters (you gotta love google) is by its “Cache” feature, you know when you search for something in google, theres links under each search result called “Cached” ?, all you have to do is search for the site you want like Myspace.com and then click on the “Cached” link under myspace.com’s description next to the “Similar Pages” link.


This is a cool way I came up with so my friend could check her email, you can use a screen sharing software like Microsoft SharedView, CrossLoop or Yuuguu. Ask someone at home to accept your screen sharing invitation request and browse the web at school using your home computer. This will enable you to access any website or instant messenger like MSN, Skype or Yahoo from the school or work computer.Yes it’s pretty much the same as Remote Assistant in Windows XP but I don’t like remote assistant.


The following technique is a bit extreme but depending on your circumstances you can give it a shot, what you do is install a Circumventor on your home pc, when the installer is done, it will give you the URL for your new Circumventor, and then you write that URL down and take it in with you to work, where you can use that URL to bypass the filters there.

How to Install:

1. Download ActivePerl trial from the site and install it. It must be installed to C:\Perl (this should be the default). Accept all of the default options.

2. Download OpenSA 2.0.2 beta from here and install it, accept all of the default options. (If you get to a screen titled “Server Information” and it doesn’t have values filled in for “Network Domain”, “Server Name” and “Administrator’s Email Address”, just fill in these boxes with made-up random values — the Circumventor doesn’t use them.)

3. Download the circumventor-setup.exe program from this link, run the circumventor-setup.exe file.

If the circumventor-setup.exe program succeeds, it will display an “It’s ready!” page at the end of the install.If it fails it will create a file circumventor-setup-log.txt send that file to creator of the circumventor technique at bennett@peacefire.org and we they try to figure out what went wrong.

I am obliged to tell you that by using any of these hacks you will be violating your schools/works terms of service blah… blah… blah I don’t really care lol go for it!


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