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How To: Pass A Urine Test

how to pass a drug test

I was chatting on msn with this guy the other day and he was really nervous cause he had to take a urine test and had been smoking weed two weeks before, I’m against heavy drug use in a job but come on weed? I’ve grown up with the right kind of people for this (mostly hippies and soccer players) so over the years I have heard a few techniques they used to pass these kinds of tests without having to inject clear urine into your bladder (it has happend!)

Urine tests can detect marijuana 3-10 days after a single use, and 4-6 weeks or more for heavy chronic users, if your hunting for the a job in the US and are asked to pass a drug test in short notice, I offer the following tricks to pass them but I don’t guarantee anything.


Wash yourself out.

The general rule to passing urine tests is to increase your fluid intake and urine flow, this cause the THC (substance in marijuana) concentration in your metabolism to dilute below the threshold of detection.Days even hours before your test you should be drinking tons of fluids, water should be fine, some people suggest vinegar but thats actually a myth and it doesn’t work unless it was a blood test (vinegar dilutes your blood).

A great technique to boost your fluid output is by taking Diuretics, which
stimulate urination.The most powerful diuretics are prescription drugs, commonly used for high blood pressure. Weak diuretics of dubious efficacy are found in certain over-the-counter products, such as pre menstral pills for water retention (but I don’t suggest it).Contrary to some beliefs, phenylpropanolamine, the active ingredient in Dexatrim, is not a diuretic and
is likely to make you test positive for amphetamines.

Other weak diuretics I think you could try include coffee, cranberry juice, beer, and other health food products and herb tinctures. While some people take diuretics for several days to flush
themselves, they are probably most useful in the hours leading up to the test when you want to produce plenty of urine. Beware that diuretics can be dangerous to certain persons, such as diabetics, pregnant women, and people suffering from kidney dysfunctions, and can lead to
potassium deficiencies if taken over extended periods.

The night before the test drink a lot of liquids, till you feel like you want to puke.The morning of the test make sure to piss twice before the test because morning piss tends to be “dirty” from all the accumulation overnight.After you do that drink more liquids and try to boost it with some diuretics as mentioned above.


Short notice tests.

If your taking a test in really short notice 1 day with no time to wash yourself out, try the following technique. Take an 80-milligram dose of the prescription diuretic Lasix (furosemide), take a hefty drink of water and piss two or three times then take the test.

Problems with urine dilution.

The only problem with diluting your piss is that some labs are suspicious of clean, watery urine it produces.But don’t worry I’ll tell you a little secret, there’s always a way around everything.Take 50 or 100 milligrams of vitamin B-2 or B-12 (available in B-Complex multivitamins) which will color your urine yellow for a couple of hours.Some people suggest Vitamin C but it doesn’t work.

Advantages of aspirin.

There are two advantages of taking aspirin. Not only does it make your urine more acidic, it also has been known to mask certain parts of the spectrum that urine testing checks. This is also good. Take 4 aspirins the day of the test, 5 or 6 hours before they take your sample.


Experimenting with Zinc

The two tricks above have been proven to work by some of my friends, this one is an experiment you can try if your up for it, some people suggest that drug use can be masked by the mineral supplement zinc sulfate.The idea is that zinc attaches itself to the drug molecules through a process known as chelation, screening them from urine and diverting them to feces.

Some pot heads have reported passing a urine test this way within 48-72 hours of their last bong session.Zinc sulfate should be taken while loading up with liquids in the hours before the test, try to avoid taking too much solids.It is suggested to take 250 milligrams of zinc sulfate two times before the test, once the night before and a second a couple of hours before the test.

Warning: Doses above this level and cause toxic reactions, and chronic, prolonged use may cause copper deficiencies and other health problems.Zinc sulfate is available in tablets from pharmacists or in a more expensive solution known as Zinc Challenge, sold in health food stores.



It’s Not Just The Test
Sometimes the drug testers also are trained in body language and observe your movements, facial expressions and postures to determine whether you’ve been taking drugs. In this article, learn more about the right body language to use through your; eyes, personal space and common signs of deceit to appear more open and honest.


Experimental technique of spiking.

This is a last minute resource you can use if you have no other option, this only works on a standard EMIT test.Scientific studies found that certain substances interfere with the EMIT test to make it appear negative.Six to ten drops of bleach, detergent, or blood, or a few bleach or Drano crystals concealed under your fingernails (and later dropped in) are said to do the trick.This requires a bit of practise beforehand and growth of your nails but beware that the personnel might inspect for smell, color, clarity, temperature and content


Cool couple day experiment.

This is a method I have heard some people tried and passed, first thing is to start drinking A LOT of water, this won’t be necessary until the last day but you should get use to drinking tons of fluids.This won’t clean your system but atleast it will dilute your urine so the THC in your system appears to be less.Again I suggest you do as I mentioned above and take B-12 and B-2 vitamin supplements and aspirins so that your urine doesn’t appear suspiciously clear,non acidic and watery.

And now for the most important part of this trick, some people say to exercise hard to burn fat cells before your test, the only problem with this is that they assume you have a month or so notification.Exercise does burn fat cells, but it just puts more THC metabolites into your blood and urine. Your blood and urine are cleaned faster than your fat, but that’s because
they’re peed out in a more concentrated fashion, so it’s more easily detected in

If you’re really caught off guard and are being tested within the next 6 days, you should cover you’re fat reserves with more clean fat. This will make sure that more of the fat that’s being turned over does not release THC into you’re system. Gaining more fat cells means being inactive, eating a lot of bacon, fried cheese, and bacon with fried cheese on it lol.


Steal it.

And of course if you are reading all these tips the morning of the test and pulling your hair out you can eather try the spiking method above or steal your test tube.They normally have them on a metal tray, after you give the piss police your tube, it becomes their responsibility.If it “accidentally” disappears its their fault and it will buy you more time to proceed and follow one of the tricks above :-).

TIP: When your peeing into the tube try not to use the urine in the beginning of your stream or the end as they are the most dirty and might contain more of the drug molecules than the rest.


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